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Nov 22, 2022·edited Nov 22, 2022

The developers of Renaissance Rich have operated under the motto, “if we say it enough times to enough people, it will be believed”. The truth is in the details. For instance, WPOA dues go up every year. 2023 dues are $164/month, not $135. Short term rentals are being backtracked because of public pressure. That deceleration lane was mandated by VDOT. The community is demanding both right and left turn lanes! Next, would be size of the units. First responders who have no family and can live in 500 sq.ft MAY find it affordable, but I doubt anyone desires to live in a storage unit. Then there is your astute observation regarding interest rates and the current economic environment. This project has been drowning for going on 3 years with not a single permit granted nor shovel in the ground. Ever heard of the term “Vapor-Ware”?

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